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The Benefits of One Piece Swimwear

One piece swimwear was tossed in the proverbial back seat following the invention of the bikini, and while the bikini is as awesome, fabulous and sexy as ever, let’s take a moment to  give the one piece its due. Check out some of the many benefits of rocking one piece swimwear:


It Stays, You Know, On

No matter how big and bad the waves, one piece swimwear is pretty much going to stay put. Yes, exceptions exist, such as those super-sexy maillots featuring tons upon tons of cutouts, and there’s bandeau options with less-than-optimal support to consider. Generally speaking, one pieces offer the structure and support you need to dive in enormous waves without worrying your top or bottom is going to get lost in the deep blue sea. Now that’s pretty darn reassuring, yes?


Tummy Control

Another benefit of one piece swimwear is many are constructed to suck in the tummy, or hide the tummy altogether. Either way, you get to look slim and trim. And who doesn’t enjoy rocking a slimmer physique on the beach, hmm?


Bikini Line Coverage

If you opt for a skirted one piece option, you get to hide your bikini line. This is especially helpful on days when you skip shaving or lost your razor for whatever reason. It looks cute, chic, and oh-so flirty.


Plenty of Amazing Options

Just as there’s tons of bikini options out there, there’s as many one piece options...also “out there.” From the aforementioned monokinis and bandeau pieces to tankinis, sporty options, plunging neckline suits, and halter swimwear, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that doesn’t speak to your inner beach goddess. Go for something flirty and sexy, or a suit that offers the support and structure you need to compete in various beach-related sporting events. One thing’s for sure: you’ll never be lost for options! And who doesn’t like options?


Miles of Leg

Many examples of one piece swimwear feature high cuts on the leg, thus providing you with that leggy look everyone loves. Contrary to what some nay-sayers may, um, say, one piece swimsuits can make you look just as curvy and feminine as any bikini. Depending on your body type, you may look better in a one piece!

These are merely some of the many reasons why one piece swimwear rocks! For a fabulous selection of one pieces, visit Canyon Beachwear today. You’ll find plenty of gorgeous options to pick from!

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