Canyon Beachwear is frequently celebrated as one of the very best swimsuit shops in the country, and with good reason! Check out the following reviews of Canyon Beachwear’s San Francisco store via Yelp and see why people can’t get enough of this swimsuit retailer!

Best bathing suit shopping experience ever! I asked for help and she found me an awesome suit in 15 minutes. I will be going back there! Great customer service and quick to help! --Tina L., San Francisco

Bikini shopping in the Bay Area is tough. It's not quite the place to find tiny little showy numbers but this place does a great job at putting them out there.  If you're looking for more conservative pieces they don't disappoint. You can find a lot here. Small little place but has some of the best brands on the market for those hot pool parties. Lulifama, Vit A, Melissa Obadash, Aqua Bendita, Phily Q.... Plus they have an amazing selection of coverups. I wasn't even looking for those and ended up with 3!  Prices aren't out of the norm for brands like this. No attitude what so ever from the sales staff which is great when you're trying on a ton of items which they painstakingly have to put back on the hanger. Great place. --Jamil S., Emeryville

It took me five years of living in SF before I even ventured into this store because, let's face it, we're kind of lacking in beachwear appropriate weather here.  

Be that as it may, the occasional trip home to Hawaii or the random weekend in Mexico necessitates a bathing suit purchase.  Et voila!  Tankinis, bikinis, even a few good-looking one piece suits that won't make you look like a grandma.  Check their sale rack for great deals (I saw a bikini for $20!) and browse their selections of separates - totally useful when you find a top elsewhere that you like and need a bottom to go with it.  They also have an array of cover-ups that will make you feel like you're a glamour-girl about to vacation on a yacht in the Greek Isles.

Canyon is the year-round solution to all your beach attire needs.  And they also sell Havaianas flip flops here, which are the best flip flops on the planet - they are available here all the time, very helpful when you need flip flops and the rest of the stores on Union are carrying fall shoes. --Berta T., San Francisco

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