Canyon Beachwear is one of the top swimsuit stores in the country thanks to the fabulous quality and design of each piece, as well as unmatched customer service. Check out what people are sayin’ about the retailer these days:

Santa Monica Location

Canyon is THE place, and unmatched by others – For years I've been going to Canyon. It is the only place I will buy a suit at, because they have the best selection and best customer service.

They absolutely know their stuff, and there is no snooty attitude, but rather honest expert opinions that are remarkably spot on. The staff is so great because it isn't a bunch of teenagers. There is a salesperson there for everyone - from kids to older women, and a suit selection to match it. The locale couldn't be better. Being by the beach is nice, as a sea breeze is often wafting through the door. Anyhow, for those looking for great suits that you can't find ANYWHERE else and a friendly, knowledgeable staff, make a trip to this Santa Monica landmark. It's been there forever (I think like 30 years?) and you’ll understand exactly why it's stood the test of time.--AKA Layla via Citysearch

This seaside swimsuit shop boldly goes beyond the yellow polka-dot bikini. – In Short

The surf and sun location makes this beachy shop an inspired spot for inspired shopping or summer vacation emergencies.

Every inch is stocked with bikinis accommodating every potential swimwear-related occasion and body type in colors ranging from basic black to gleaming gold and silver metallic. In addition to a wide selection of maillots and two-piece bathing suits, there are also cover-ups, sundresses, wraps and novelty items like a red velvet "Mrs. Claus" two-piece. --Anonymous via Citysearch

San Jose Location

This bathing suit store is CRAZY good.  They have a huge inventory of designers such as L*Space, Luli Fama, Vitamin A, Seafolly and Sunsets.  I can't confirm that they will always have a full stock--maybe I timed it right??  I do know that us females have a difficult time finding swimsuits and it's nice to have options!  If you are heading on a tropical vacation, this place is a must stop prior to going. --Christine T. via Yelp

Yorkville, New York Location

Pricey, yes, but you get what you paid for.

Every time I leave this place, I leave a happy customer.  They take one look at you, and you describe what you're going for, and bam, you're in a fitting room with an armful of suits and they keep coming back to you with more to try on until you find the perfect one, which you do rather quickly.  They've never given me a wrong size to try on, and they really do try to find a suit for you that emphasizes what you've got and hides what you want hidden.  At the end, you're fitted with a unique suit that you feel comfortable in, look great in, the color is exactly right, and you leave actually looking forward to stripping down at the pool/beach and not dreading the "i'm a whale washed up on shore" feeling.

They've got bikinis, skirts, bottoms, halters, skirted bottoms, one pieces, short bottoms, board shorts, flip flops, cover ups, hats, bags, everything you need for the beach, only for women though.  They do have bathing suits for little girls as well. --Kat L. via Yelp

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