Do you have the right beachwear to enjoy sunbathing or a cool dip in the pool or ocean?

Being comfortable in your swimwear, both emotionally and physically, is crucial to maximizing your enjoyment in the resort, at the lake or at the beach. It is much easier to have lots of fun when the focus is on having fun, not on your swimwear that either doesn’t fit properly, or just doesn’t feel right for you. This is why it is so important to get your swimwear from a company with experienced swimwear fit experts. They spend their lives helping women of all shapes and sizes navigate the scary waters of finding the perfect suit for their own body. In fact this is one of the most compelling reasons for buying designer swimwear from a specialist swimwear store: the care and attention that is paid to getting the best designer swimwear, bikini, one piece swimsuit or coverup for your body, that is what great customer service is all about.

We have all experienced the department stores, which allocate staff seasonally to the swimwear department, they know little other than the names and size on the labels, and there is no concept of swimwear fit expertise at all. Another season will see the same staff selling cook wear or Christmas decorations.  



It’s not just your swimsuit either it’s how you best represent yourself in your precious leisure time, whether you spend that in Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands, or at a beach party in Las Vegas. Having the right beachwear, a bikini, perhaps something bright and sexy from L*Space, A coverup, perhaps from Robin Piccone’s 2011 collection, a stylish Stetson straw hat from Melissa Odabash, beach canvas bag from Earth Axxessories and of course a pair of Havaianas.



Putting together a great look for you is a very unique and personal experience, having expert help while putting that look together so that it suits your body and your personality, that’s priceless