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Cute (& Useful) Beach Accessories for the 2014 Season

Planning a summer filled with sun and surf? How about one that involves a whole lot of poolside activities? Pick up one of Canyon Beachwear’s fabulous swimsuits, and maybe a beach accessory or three. Let’s take a brief look at assorted beach accessories and what makes them essential beach bag components, shall we?

 Flip FlopsHavaianas Slim Logo Pop Up Sandal Aqua

 Dry beach sand is notoriously hot, so save feet by slipping on a pair of comfortable flip flops. This also rescues favorite shoes from sand, as the grainy stuff tends to get….well, everywhere. Comfortable rubber flip flops with thin straps look stylish and feel great on feet. You’ll never have to worry about running across hot sand again!


Beach Totes

 Why subject one of your ‘regular’ bags to sand, saltwater, chlorine, lake get the idea. Opt for a chic beach tote instead, and keep all your beach essentials in one place. Canyon Beachwear offers stylish, durable, reversible canvas totes in assorted colors, many of which feature detachable zippers should you feel like throwing the holy trinity (i.e. wallet, keys, phone) in with your favorite swimsuit and beach towel.

Head Scarves

 No one washes their hair before heading to the beach, right? Rather than feeling self-conscious about less-than-clean tresses or hiding under a not-cute trucker hat, opt for a fashionable head scarf. Such scarves also work to keep hair under control when ocean breezes want their way with it, and may be used as neckties or braided into hair. As an added bonus, they capture that “gypsy” look perfectly!

Triangle Bikini Top Pads

 Want to add some extra va-va-voom to your bathing suit this season? Check out triangular bikini top pads and feel confident when walking down the coastline. Enjoy feeling shapely and sexy this year!

Swimsuit CleanserSummer Solutions Swimsuit Cleanser

 Want to extend the life of your new favorite swimsuit? You may think good old hand washing is enough to keep your suit like new, however chlorine can wreak havoc even on the the best quality swimwear. Canyon Beachwear offers an awesome swimsuit cleanser designed to remove chlorine residue so you may enjoy your swimsuit for years to come. The liquid also removes chlorine odor and spa chemicals. Pretty nifty, no?

Enjoy choosing from these and other fabulous accessory options at Canyon Beachwear! We’ve got all the latest in accessories, swimwear, cover-ups and much more. Happy shopping, and Happy Summer!

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