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Love Tanjane 2014 Stylish Coverups

Sick of looking less-than-chic when going to the beach, not because of your bathing suit, but because of what you’re wearing over the suit? Fear not. Love Tanjane designs super-stylish coverup options, many of which can be worn off the beach as well. Their artisanal tie dye collection includes “easy-to-wear” maxi dresses, flowing skirts, halter dresses and much more. Love Tanjane duds are also locally-produced in Southern California and created with low-impact dyes. How delightfully eco-friendly! Let’s check out a few Love Tanjane options available on

Love Tanjane's T-Shirt Tan StarLove Tanjane T-Shirt Tan Star

Forget ratty beach tees so nasty they’ve entered biohazard territory! The T-Shirt Tan Star from Love Tanjane is possibly the hippest, chicest t-shirt cover-up on the planet, and features an unfinished seam so you can cut it as you see fit. Created with so-soft rayon and Spandex materials, the t-shirt is the perfect combination of slouchy and sexy.

Skirt Tan Star

Match the Love Tanjane Skirt  tie-dyed Tan Star with the T-shirt Tan Star, or any bikini top. This versatile piece works as a shirt and a tube dress--how awesome is that??  The skirt also features an unfinished seam, allowing you to get scissor-happy if desired.

Love Tanjane Long Dress Splash

Wear this tie-dyed maxi dress on and off the beach! A beautiful creation featuring short sleeves, this dress creates a lovely shape under the bust  and can be cut to desired length thanks to--you guessed it--an unfinished seam! An ideal day or nighttime look when “down the shore,” this maxi can easily be dressed up, or worn as fabulous, casual beach attire. As with other Love Tanjane clothing, it’s made of crazy-soft rayon and Spandex.

Pant Night

The Love Tanjane Pant Night are some of the chicest lounge pants you’ll ever find. Wear them to the beach, around the house or when curling up for a good night’s sleep. The mesmerizing tie-dye piece includes a drawstring, allowing you to Love Tanjane Dress easily adjust the pants for comfort and style.

Love Tanjane Dress

This short dress from Love Tanjane is easy to slip on and off, and features spaghetti straps, an angled skirt and gorgeous tie-dye print. Like all pieces from this designer, the dress is hand-dyed. Wear it on and off the beach for a casual-yet-super-sexy look!

Check out these and other Love Tanjane looks by visiting Canyon Beachwear today! The retailer features suits “for every body,” so you’ll definitely find something you’ll love!

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