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Private Appointments with a swimwear fit specialist at Canyon Beachwear

Why book an appointment with a swimsuit expert? At your appointment, a specialist from Canyon Beachwear will use her expertise to make the most appropriate suggestions in suits and coverups, based on your own needs in a swimsuit.

One of the main reasons discerning women choose to come back again and again to Canyon Beachwear, on top of our fabulous selection of swimwear, is our focus on customer service. One excellent example of this is the ability for client’s to have a private appointment with one of our swimwear fit specialists. This is available in all of our stores and consultations and advice are available over the phone for web customers.        

Shopping for a swimwear ensemble can be time consuming, and our days are jam packed with so many things to do before leaving on trips.  Private appointments take the stress out of buying swimwear by having the best fit specialists in the swimwear industry available at an agreed time, whose job is to help you find the best swimwear, coverups and accessories that suit your body, style and personality.

All you have to do is call one of our locations and let the fit specialist know when you would like to book an appointment, (please try and have a few times that you are available). The specialist will ask you questions about your needs including  dress/pant size,  bra size, skin tone, what kind of suit you are looking for (one piece, bikini, coverup etc)and any particular colors or designers you are interested in. With these questions answered we can adequately prepare for your appointment, making sure that the items we suggest fit your needs.

A great idea is to have a look at our website to help you compose your thoughts on color, style, and designers.

 The key to the Canyon beachwear experience and our clients coming back year after year is our skill at picking beachwear and swimwear to suit every body, so go ahead and book your appointment at one of our stores. Our fit specialists look forward to seeing you very soon.

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