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Show Your Suits Some Love

Summer Solutions - Swimwear Cleanser


Whether you're tucking your suit in the drawer for winter or getting ready for the next trip, autumn is a great time to take stock of what suits are ready for the hot tub only pile and how to take care of your favorites.

Here are seven helpful tips to make your suits last. 

1.) Try on suits before you wear in public. Fibers may have stretched and broken to the embarrassing point of falling off or becoming see-thru. Better to know before you go.

2.) Alternate suits to rest them. Alternating allows suits to go back to their original shape and reduces stretching. It also adds variety to your wardrobe and vacation pictures.

3.) Use older suits for the hot tub. They are stretched out a bit already. This will save your favorite suits from being boiled in chlorine. You can hear them screaming too!

4.) Avoid drying in the sun and rubbing on rough surfaces. Salt and chlorine dried on a suit in the sun will break down the fibers. Use the available shower for a quick rinse and dry off in the shade. We all know what rough surfaces do. :D

5.) Never use a washer or dryer to clean your suit. Just say no!

6.) Never use clothing detergents. They have more drying agents to weaken fibers.

7.) Wash by hand with a mild detergent. Even delicate fabric wash is not really made for suit care, so suit cleanser is best. Suit cleanser will neutralize the chlorine and salt (they eat the suit) and add a conditioner to the fabric, so you know it's safe when you store it in your drawer for the next trip.

Now that you know how to take care of your favorites, you can start to build a beautiful vacation wardrobe that will last for years!

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