5 Best Beaches Around Santa Monica to Visit This Summer 2018!

What better way to spend the hot summer days in Santa Monica than lazing around at a beach? Cool idea, right? Don’t look so muddled now. We totally understand your confusion concerning which beaches to visit. So we have put together the top 5 picks of amazing beaches around Santa Monica you must visit in 2018! Grab your notepad (Why? To make plans simultaneously, of course) and let’s get started already!

1. Santa Monica Beach for an Exciting Beach Time!

Being in Santa Monica and not visiting Santa Monica Beach is like going to Cold Stone and not having ice cream. It just doesn’t make any sense!

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach is an iconic Southern California beach. There is never a moment without fun here. The best things about it are:

  • It is well maintained with soft beach sand which will make you want to walk around barefoot.
  • From the north end of the beach, there are parking lots for you.
  • Right in the middle, you will find an amusement park, aquarium, and restaurants to satisfy your taste buds! Santa Monica Pier is a landmark of the city as well as the beach and is a must visit.
  • The south end also houses parking lots, hotels, parks, and so on.
  • The parking lots are open right from sunrise to sunsets (Lot 1N being an exception, which remains open from 6 am to 2 pm). The charges can vary from $6 to $15 a day.
  • Wheelchairs are also available, in case you need one.
As for the question, ‘what can I do at Santa Monica Beach,’ there are several things.
  • Beach going and sunbathing, for starters
  • Visiting Annenberg Community Beach House which has exquisite views, splash pad, and a play area for children.
  • Being the original Muscle Beach, exercising goes without saying! You will find various gymnastic equipment like rings, parallel bars, swings, etc., as well as volleyball courts on the first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Bicycling, surfing, and paddleboarding are a few other options available here.

2. Buzzing Venice Beach for Art Lovers & Shopaholics!

If you are a creative and artistic person, you must visit the 75 mile-long Venice Beach! It is a buzzing beach town and prized for its bohemian spirit. It is another version of the Italian city, complete with canals and piazzas.

Venice Beach

You could say that it is one of the craziest beaches in the world with quirky things along the beachfront boardwalk. Filled with vendors, street entertainers, and food trucks with mouth-watering delicacies, Venice Beach is sure to capture your attention! For all those crazy shoppers out there, Abbot Kinney Boulevard is an absolute worship-worthy shopper’s paradise to lose yourself in! If you wish to hear and dance to the beat of Venice, visit Venice Beach Drum Circle in the weekends for a full-on jam session with people breaking a leg to the music! Venice Beach Recreation Center with children’s play area, gymnastics apparatus, handball, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, is perfect to bring out the sporty side in you. You could also visit the Muscle Beach here, the home of outdoor weightlifting.

3. Marina Beach for a Memorable Family Time!

If you are planning a family outing with kids, Marina Beach, also known as ‘Mother’s Beach,’ is absolutely perfect for you! This man-made beach in Marina del Rey is kid-friendly and safe with no big waves in the swimming area.

Marina Beach

The sandy beach has volleyball courts, barbecues, picnic spots, playground equipment, showers, and restrooms; practically everything you might need during a family trip. It also has exciting activities like kayaking and windsurfing. There are various restaurants offering several cuisines to grab a bite or treat whenever you get hungry. You have spacious parking available. It is a favorite place to watch the Fourth of July and New Year Eve’s fireworks!

4. Laguna Beach for an Ideal Beach Vacay!

It is a favored vacation spot for the residents of Orange County and Los Angeles. It is an ideal vacay destination for the dog lovers as their furry pets are allowed at the beach too (though they should be leashed)!

Laguna Beach

It is one of the prettiest beaches with beautiful water that seems to be calling out to you! It is great for strolling or just unwinding on a blanket with your partner. It has an array (read about a 100!) of dining establishments with an oceanic view, spread out along the coastline to indulge yourself in the pleasure of eating. However, it can be pretty tough to find a good parking spot for your vehicle. But do not let it keep you from visiting this lovely beach!

5. El Matador Beach for a Scenic Vista!

It is one of the best beaches closest to Malibu. It is packed with sea caves, long stretches of sand, birds, and massive rocks. It has a beautiful coastal view which is an absolute delight to the eyes!

El Matador Beach

It has few parking spots, which is the sole reason for the beach being less crowded. So if you are looking for quiet beach time, El Matador is an ideal option for you. Pick your spot, spread a blanket, and just like that have a relaxing time at the beach! The massive rocks are a source of attraction here. During the sunset, the view is spectacular with the sun lighting up the entire place in the hues of gold and orange. So do not forget your camera! If you are a nature lover, this beauty will call to your soul. You will have a great time exploring the beach nestled right in the arms of nature. So what are you waiting for now? Just pack your travel bags, which shouldn’t be that hard seeing as you won’t need much to loll around at the beaches, and get out there now to take a dip in the water! Remember to grab your favorite beachwear. On the off chance that you forget to do so, don’t sweat it, visit our store in Santa Monica. You are sure to find new favorites here!