Bathing Suits Trends: 10 Must-Haves For 2019

Many people consider it to be an unconventional time to think about buying bathing suits since we're in the middle of winter. However, if you're planning a tropical vacation or want to stock up your wardrobe with the latest beachwear trends of 2019, there’s no better time than the present!

We have ten popular swimwear trends of 2019 including the must-have bathing suits styles for you right here:


This is a trend that gained momentum through 2018 and can be seen throughout 2019 as well. With everyone looking for eco-friendly things, women are also moving towards designer bathing suits made of fabric that is environment-friendly. In fact, we believe this trend will continue to rule the fashion world over the next few years.



If you feel too shy to put on your favorite bathing suit because you are surrounded by toned people who do not seem to have a single ounce of fat in their body, here’s a piece of great news for you: curves are a big thing this season! So, stop being shy, pick out the most flattering pieces of beachwear, and get ready to show off your sexy curves.


Knots & Ties

Knotted details have garnered popularity in the last months of 2018 and have become a huge hit this year. Ties and knots increase the functionality of a piece, in addition to enhancing the style and appearance. They also allow you to customize the fit and help you feel comfortable.

knots and ties

Retro Vibe

The beachwear industry has seen nuances from the 70s to the 90s period since the past few years. This trend seems to be going strong in 2019 as well, and we assure you that sexy polka dots, ruffles, florals, and other pleasant silhouettes are here to stay.



Pastel colors with delicate features are a big hit in 2019. These soft, subtle shades have become more popular than the bright hues. The pretty, easy-to-wear bathing suits look great with every skin tone and can be personalized with any piece of accessory.


High-Cut Bottoms

High-waisted and uber-high cut bottoms have been around for the past few seasons and appear to have gained a steady fan base. These are designed to elongate the legs and are suitable for all body types.



This is a recent trend in the swimwear industry, and you’ll be seeing metallic shine, textures, and luster throughout this season everywhere on the beach and by the poolside. These pieces add a refined sexiness to any ensemble and are perfect to celebrate your time out in the sand and sun.

One-Shoulder Bathing Suits

One-shoulder is one such style that seems to have become a favorite of the fashion industry. This has influenced the swimwear choices as well. For those who feel going strapless is too much to handle, you can flaunt those gorgeous shoulders by wearing one-strapped sexy numbers that look great without compromising on support.



Sexy, strategic cut-outs are predicted to be a huge hit in 2019. Such pieces are a great way to show off your figure without revealing too much skin and give a new edge to even the simplest of outfits. If you wish to take your beach attire to the next level, start with adorning beautiful swimwear with sexy cuts.



Criss-cross designs will be seen everywhere through 2019. These strings create a chic overall appearance and look fashionable and attractive. They add a hint of sexiness to the outlook and offer amazing fit.


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