Canyon Beachwear’s Guide To Choose The Best Plus Size Swimwear

Looking great in a bikini swimwear is easy if you pick the right styles. When it comes to swimwear, your main standout quotient is your confidence. But with many styles and trends available, how do you find the right one that makes you feel comfortable in your own body? Here are a few ways to find the right women’s plus size swimwear if you are curvy so that you can enjoy wearing without any worries. Note: Keep Your Body Shape in Mind! Now, we don’t mind if you pick on your likings but there are a few cuts, designs and styles that are made to enhance your figure to its best. Thus, the wise call would be to pick a plus size bikini swimwear according to your body type. Always remember to try many styles before picking one. Don’t know which body type you fall into? We have mentioned the body types along with their description so you can easily know yours.
  • Apple Body Type - Legs are small while your weight is in your hips and breast
  • Hourglass Body Type - Narrow waist and wide hips and breast
  • Pear Body Type - Smaller Shoulders and waistline with more weight around your hips
  • Rectangle Body Type - Straight bottoms, shoulder line, and hips

How to choose the perfect Women ’s Plus Size Swimwear?

Choosing a Plus Size Swimsuit:

Many plus size women love sticking it to the classics. Swimsuits offer more coverage while still making your body look beautiful.

Choosing a Plus Size Swimsuit

 Try patterns that will: Elongate your body - Try long patterns that move down to the center and has colored panels. This will make your body look longer. Nip your waist - A swimsuit that can help you nip your waist and help you achieve an hourglass figure Extenuate your Bust - Plus size bathing suits have underwired large cups that are present to support your breast. If you have a relatively smaller bust, you can opt for molded or padded cups to make it look fuller. Make sure that your swimsuit can offer the much-needed support, according to your body type.

Choosing a Plus Size Bikini:

Fan of Bikinis? Try the plus size bikinis. They are the same old bikini, just with a larger knicker size. This has more fabric, based on its height rather than width. Thus giving you full support on your waist. It will give you a higher waistline, which will make your thighs look more attractive.

Choosing a Plus Size Bikini

 1. In case you are not comfortable with a bikini bottom - Try opting for shorts instead. 2. In case you have thigh weight - Try opting for a bottom that draws attention to the upper part of the body with a low sitting.

Try Tankini!


 Try Tankini if you like to have the comfort of a two-piece but wish to have a full coverage. Tankini offers a long bikini top that covers the waist with a normal bikini bottom. This plus size bikini will allow your skin enough room to breathe. With additional support and detachable straps, tankini is the best choice for any body type.

Swim Dress for Full Coverage

The style that has risen back from the 1950s is the Swim Dress. This could be a great alternative to bikinis and plus size bikinis. It saves your body from the harmful effects of the sun as it provides full coverage. Just like a normal dress, it sits on the stomach but has many designs with different necklines.

Shapewear in Swimwear

A shapewear by its nature helps you define your figure best. Plus size swimming costumes are ideal to have a good tummy control which can help your waist to shine through. The material for this swimwear is heavy, thus providing a comfortable feel.

How To Choose The Colors And Patterns?

Style is important, but it won’t work completely for your body if you do not have the right colors and patterns to complement your swimwear style. We have mentioned a few patterns and colors that can help you achieve the desired effect:
  • If you wish to look slimmer, choose swimwear in darker colors and vertical lines.
  • If you wish to define your waist, choose swimwear with a dark sided panel.
  • For women with a bigger bust, avoid wearing big prints or patterns around your bust area. Rather opt for simple designs.
  • For women with bigger hips or bottoms, avoid wearing horizontal lines on your bottom.
  • If you see any one of these as a problem area in your body, then try considering our recommendations regarding color and pattern. Color and pattern both can make a huge impact on your overall look in the sun.
Always Remember! Every woman has a different body type and she herself knows her body better than anyone. Thus, take all the time that is required to know your body and select a swimwear that fits best to your body and confidence. Hopefully, our guide can help you through your decision making process, a bit faster.

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