Do You Think You Know What a D Cup Swimwear Looks Like?

It isn’t uncommon for people to have misconceptions about the cup size of swimwear. Most people believe that the D cup is a big size whereas A is a small one. The only exception is probably DD cup swimwear, which people believe is the biggest cup size in a swimwear. Not everyone is well educated about different cup sizes. We often just wear what we feel closely fits us well. It does not help that media showcases cup sizes in all the wrong ways!

D Cup Swimwear

What Do You Think a D Cup Swimwear Looks Like?

If it is not big, then what does a D cup swimwear look like? Cup sizes can only be understood correctly if you compare them to the band size.

Now, before we discuss DD cup swimwear, let’s understand what a band size is.

Band size is the measurement of your torso which is directly below your bust. Also, it is the place where your bra band would normally settle. On the other hand, the measurement of the fullest part of your bust is the bust size.

Quite often a woman with a bigger bust and a woman with a smaller one might still have the same band size. Similarly, a woman who has a larger band size and one with the smaller band size might have the same bust size.

Here’s a secret tip about choosing swimwear size that every woman should know:

To find the perfect size for you, you should learn about sister sizing.

To put it clearly, if you ever feel that your band size is perfect but your cups do not fit, either choose swimwear that goes up a cup size or a cup size down. Simple enough, right?

Here's another scenario, if your cup fits but your band size does, you may have to change both your cup and band size. A tip here would be to go down a cup size if you go up a band size and vice versa. If your band and cup do not fit, then it means you’ve got to just change the band.

So, a DD cup just means that there’s a 5-inch distance between the underbust and the overbust. On the other hand, a D cup size means that the distance between your underbust and overbust is 4inches.

Another common misconception about D cup bikini and DD cup swimsuits is that the larger the bust size, the lesser your options in swimwear. Well, that isn’t true either. Most stores offer amazing swimsuits categorized by cup sizes.

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