Canyon Beachwear: The Santa Monica Location


Canyon Beachwear has many desinger beachwear store locations, including those in Malibu, Las Vegas, Wailea (Hawaii), New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and numerous others. One of these “others” is the retailer’s Santa Monica location, which routinely receives great reviews from its customers. Let’s take a look at some of these reviews:

From Yelp:

What a great little hidden spot. I stopped in here when I was waiting for my family at the Mexican joint next door and I'm sure glad I came in. The sales lady was incredibly nice and very helpful. She was grabbing me all different sizes and styles but the best part was that she was not pressuring you at all. I can't wait to wear my new board shorts.

P.S. There is a huge female selection but a small male section as well. --Evan L., San Diego

Skimpy, fringy, tank, name it.  They have it covered...or uncovered, if you prefer :) I got the cutest bathing suits here. One is a TO-DIE-FOR Nanette Lepore bikini in an electric blue and the other is a vintage 50's rumpled black & white polka dot tankini. I'm set. Vacation is a month away, now all I have to do is rid of the muffin top & tummy flab...wish me luck!

Cherry was the nicest and most patient salesgirl EVER.  She literally showed me a ton of suits and kept bringing me stuff to try on, which was probably close to a hundred pieces... I Kid You Not! The place is small but jam packed and I guarantee you will find something you will like.  

Suggestion:  Get a tan and then come.  You will look & feel better :) --Seung Eun C., Los Angeles

From Citysearch:

Canyon is THE place, and unmatched by others – For years I've been going to Canyon. It is the only place I will buy a suit at, because they have the best selection and best customer service.

They absolutely know their stuff, and there is no snooty attitude, but rather honest expert opinions that are remarkably spot on. The staff is so great because it isn't a bunch of teenagers. There is a salesperson there for everyone - from kids to older women, and a suit selection to match it. The locale couldn't be better. Being by the beach is nice, as a sea breeze is often wafting through the door. Anyhow, for those looking for great suits that you can't find ANYWHERE else and a friendly, knowledgeable staff, make a trip to this Santa Monica landmark. It's been there forever (I think like 30 years?) and you’ll understand exactly why it's stood the test of time. --AKALala

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