Why is Black Always the Color of the Season?

The fashion industry is full of surprises and new trends with every passing day. New outfits, styles, patterns, and so forth keep evolving. However, you can find one consistent element here: the color ‘black.’ Whether we talk of sexy beachwear, beautiful cocktail dresses, simple shirts and tees, or any other piece of clothing, have you ever wondered why black, seemingly, never goes out of style? Well, we have penned down ten reasons why black is always the color of the season (by the end of which you will agree with us too!)

1) You can never go wrong with Black!

If you are one of those who loves to mix and match your outfits, black is just the color for you. You can pair this sophisticated and classic hue with any other random color, and yet it will just work. So you could say that it goes with anything and everything!

2) Flatters all skin tones

The best thing about black is that it looks great on any skin tone; fair, dark, light, medium, deep, and so on. You never need to worry if it is the right choice for your skin color.

3) You can go wild with black color and accessories

If you love accessorizing your outfit, you have struck gold with black! You can experiment to your heart’s content with a black outfit and add-ons like handbags, belts, jewelry, and much more.

4) Simply figure-flattering!

If you are conscious of your appearance (figure, to be specific), you might end up taking long hours to find the right color choice that makes you look and feel good. Black is one such hue which compliments every figure type.

5) Doesn’t require much efforts to look dressed-up

Wear your black dress (or any outfit in black for that matter) and all you need is pretty much your confidence to make heads turn around! That’s the beauty of this color.

6) Works well with all fabric kinds

Whether it is silk, lace, linen, wool, cotton, rayon, velvet or any haute couture fabric, you can rely on black to do absolute justice to it.

7) Can be layered infinitely

If you are fond of layering up your attire, black is the ideal color for you! ‘Head to toe in black’ is unquestionably one of the classiest outfit ideas.

8) Camouflages stains

Black, being a dark hue, is also a practical color, in the sense that you can easily hide stains. Even if you drop something on your black clothes, you can wipe it off and not worry about people noticing the ugly stain!

9) Quickest wardrobe solution

We often stand in front of our wardrobe wondering about the choice of outfit. It is at times like this when black comes to the rescue!

10) It arguably completes the fashion industry!

Just as we mentioned earlier, black, the color of every season and every fashion trend, practically dominates the industry and is loved by the fashionistas worldwide.

Now that you know black is invincible, skim through our top picks of ‘black beachwear’ for relaxing by the poolside or enjoying the crystal blue water and white sand at your favorite beach!

black beachwear

 This sexy black bikini by Sunsets with dramatic high-cut bottoms is all you need to look gorgeous! It is perfect to show off your amazing, sun-kissed curves.

sexy black bikini by Sunsets

 This simple yet beautiful black bikini set by Vitamin A is ideal for a pool party or to lounge around at a beach, sipping your favorite drink.

beautiful black bikini set by Vitamin

 If you don’t feel like showing too much skin, we have got you covered with this modest black beachwear set by Sunsets! The sassy swim-skirt and a top that offers full coverage are just the right choices any day.

modest black beachwear set by Sunsets

 With this Eco Cotton Black Island Maxi Dress by Vitamin A, you can effortlessly get ready to enjoy the sun, water, and sand! The high-neck, sexy silhouette drapes to the hip, and side slit adds a touch of style to the attire.

Eco Cotton Black Island Maxi Dress by Vitamin

 This printed black strapless bikini set by Sunsets is all you need to keep tan lines at bay and have a wonderful time soaking up the sun! It is trendy and functional with maximum support.

printed black strapless bikini set by Sunsets

 This knit T-back tunic is fashionable, offers maximum comfort, and is the ideal beach-to-street outfit. Pair it with your favorite jewelry and cut-off shorts to own your beach look!

knit T-back tunic

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