Why is it still so hard to find good plus size swimwear?

Finding a swimwear is a task in its own. Choosing a perfect bikini under the uncomplimentary fluorescent light and a race to find a pair that fits perfectly on top as well as on bottoms can be a nightmare. It is a grueling task and it is definitely not easy on yourself. But if you are looking for a plus size swimwear then consider these problems to be doubled.

plus size swimwear

It is really difficult for plus sized women to find a perfect fit for themselves and looks actually cute. This indeed is due to the fact that not many companies had thought of the plus-sized women. It is with the recent plus-sized models and bloggers that the swimwear companies have started noticing them.

Despite these recent developments, it is difficult for plus size women to find plus size swimsuits with a perfect fit. But why is this problem?

Problems Faced by Plus Size Women in Finding their Perfect Fit

Lack of options

This is, in fact, the most overwhelming issue while looking for plus size swimwear. There are not many options for plus size women in terms of styles and designs. There are majorly two types of options, either a tankini or a swim-dress. These may or may not match someone’s personal style. If you are not scared to be bold, then you can choose a sexy bikini but the plus size women mostly shy away from it.

Beyond finding a perfect fit, plus size women yearn to find styles that reflect their personal choice. The major concern is to find something that is comfortable and cute without being too revealing and does not look like it was designed for someone’s grandmother.

Standard sizes do not fit all

Many of the plus size swimwear designing companies just assume that plus-sized women have an hourglass figure. The truth is quite different. Every woman has a different body shape, no matter what their weight is. Plus-sized women can also different figures. So for these women, it becomes difficult to visualize as to what will fit their body the best. The companies are trying hard to improvise on their designs but are forgetting this important fact that plus-sized women can have different figures as well.

No trial, buy online

The process of buying gets even more complicated when you can only buy for these plus size swimwear online and many times, these online shops try to mold the plus size swimwear on a several sizes smaller model. This makes it difficult for plus size women to imagine themselves in that dress. Other than this, everyone likes to try their clothes before buying, especially when you need to be sure of your size. But mostly the retailers who sell women's plus size swimwear are only selling them online, which leaves no room for a trial for the fuller women.

A gap between the retailers and the actual customers

Retailers and designers are not thinking from the point of view of their actual customers. These designers have pre-conceived notions about the fuller women and what they want with their swimsuits. They believe that the plus-sized women wish to hide their body. But women wish to be feminine and if they are going to the beach on a sunny day, they would wish to be seen. Many companies are not considering these factors and so, are taking a wrong approach.

Which Designs do Fuller Women Actually Want?

Black Sasha Crossover One Piece 

Black Sasha Crossover One Piece

It is time to hug the fierce you in this Black Sasha Crossover One Piece. It is a plus-sized bathing suit from the brand Curve by The Sunsets. It has an edgy crossover design and a front power mesh. It is sexy yet provides proper support.

Rose Garden Iconic Twist Bandeau Top 

Rose Garden Iconic Twist Bandeau Top

Have better support with a twist, with Twist Bandeau Top. From the brand Curve by Sunsets, it is designed to keep you comfortable throughout the summer months. It offers moderate coverage and is suitable for sizes till 26!

Kaleidoscope Cora Underwire Top 

Black Sasha Crossover One Piece

This Cora Underwired Top will be a staple for you, this summer. With a beautiful halter neck, this is surely a form-fitting top that won’t disappoint you at all. It has a triple adjustment and offers moderate coverage.

Where can you find these designs?

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